1522 Crest Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, United States

consulting & design

  • Numerous Consulting, Design and Planning Projects in Laguna Nigel, California/ San Clemente, California/ and Laguna Beach, California including Golf and Country Club Estates.
  • Designed, Construction SFR for Handicapped Child - Palermo, Maine 2000-2004
  • Renovate lake front camp - Barrington, New Hampshire 2006-2007
  • CDPS Rising Above (Remodel Homes Land Bank) - Cleveland, Ohio 2012
  • 3x Bath Remodel - Cleveland Heights, Ohio 2013
  • Custom Home Design, Construction, and Remodel - Cleveland Heights, Ohio 2012-2014

Custom home construction examples

  • Numerous Custom Estates and Residences in Steamboat Springs, Colorado/ San Juan Capistrano, California/ and Lemon Heights, California including Golf and Country Club Properties and Award Winning Heavy Timber Homes.

Past Project Descriptions

COMPASS ROSE Development past project descriptions

  • Historic Home Renovations - Phoenix, Arizona 1997-2000
  • Construction Consulting Services (Planned, Processed, Renovated Historic Restaurant) - Agoura Hills, California 2002-2004
  • Construction Consulting Services for Contract Disputes - Alton Bay, New Hampshire 2005-2006
  • Construction Consulting Services (Designed, Construct, Renovate Historic Barn) - Farmington, New Hampshire 2006-2007

historic development

  • Steam Boat Pines Development (Development of 5 Custom Home Lot Subdivisions) - Steamboat Springs, Colorado 1980-1984
  • The Magellan Group (Planning, Design, Financing, Marina and Resort Development) - Anacortes, Washington 1994-1997
  • The Magellan Group (Planning, Design, Financing, Ski Resort Development) - Steamboat Springs, Colorado 1994-1997
  • Fairway Pines Golf Course - Ridgeway, Colorado 1997
  • Palos Verdes Golf/ Residential - Palos Verdes, California 1997
  • Design, Processing, Renovation of 60 acre Winery - Napa Valley, California 1997-2000
  • Brownstone Estates (Development of 26 Custom Lot Subdivision with Infrastructure) - Strafford, New Hampshire 1999-2003

property Development examples

renovation & Remodel examples

Compass Rose Development